Our core competencies

Business Strategy

Much like building a house, designing your business strategy or launching a new product/service takes research, planning and most importantly, the right people. As your strategic partner, we will help guide you into the market research process and design a Strategic Business Plan to allow you and your team to set the foundation for your company as well as set up a budgetary timeline to insure your dollars are spent timely and wisely.

Sales & Marketing

We understand the importance of Marketing and Sales, but most importantly how they both must communicate with each other effectively. We take a hands-on approach to designing your strategy and make sure we have supporting research to validate sales and marketing decisions. Wise use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, in-depth market research and building sales teams are just a few ways we can ensure a successful strategy.

Human Resources

No business strategy can be truly successful without the right people to execute the plan. We have a vast amount of experience with hiring new individuals and cultivating the current employee base. Setting standards of excellence, creating competitive compensation/benefits packages and improving communication are just a few ways we can help build the employee base required.

Events & Experience

Our entrepreneurial focus allows us to help plan and coordinate various types of collaboration, special events and world-class experiences, including grand tours in super cars, start-up weekends, Hack-a-thons and innovative corporate ideation sessions. We bring new levels of creativity to your organization and seek to create inspiration in any business environment.

Key areas we provide value

  • Business Consulting
  • Economic Development
  • Technology Transfer
  • Financial Management
  • Minority Business
  • Investor Relations
  • Intellectual Property
  • Data Analysis
  • Event Planning
  • Public Relations
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Business Start-up
  • Real Estate Valuation
  • Client Engagement
  • Special Projects
  • Operations Management
  • Non-Profits
  • Business Reporting
  • Technology Consulting
  • Customer Relationship Management