Meet our talented team

Jared Hartzell, MBA

Jared loves to build new companies, hates the status quo and is not afraid to think differently. He founded Switch Strategies, Upstate Wealth Management and many other innovative startups, with significant experience in integrated marketing, emerging technologies, project management, economic development, finance and real estate investment. He has a degree in Marketing Management from Bob Jones University and an MBA from Clemson University. Keep up with him - LinkedIn - Email Jared

Nicole Carlson

Nicole is our world-class marketing and events manager with a passion for motorsports. She has worked for the Hongkong Shanghai Hotel Group, managing global events such as The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering, The Quail Motorcycle Gathering and The Quail Rally. Nicole also served as the Sponsorship Director of McCall’s Motorworks Revival, where she further fostered relationships with aviation companies as well as motorsports companies, OEMs, and event marketing agencies. Keep up with her - LinkedIn - Email Nicole

Bryan Davis

Bryan is a creative, energetic builder and collaborator with a robust track record of successfully launching and growing new ventures within complex and dynamic environments ranging from a real estate startup to a multi-billion dollar academic healthcare center. Currently, Bryan is helping Furman University launch and grow its Innovation & Entrepreneurship Institute by spearheading new programs and fostering public/private partnerships. He has a bachelors in Business Management from Clemson University. Keep up with him - LinkedIn - Email Bryan

Mike Cruice

Mike is an operations expert that has been instrumental in creating crucial business processes for many types of organizations and has been able to make these organizations reach new levels of growth and scalability. He also has deep knowledge of commercial real estate, accounting and finance. He holds a bachelors in Accounting from Bob Jones University, where he graduated with honors. Keep up with him - LinkedIn - Email Mike

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